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Storytelling brings communities together and builds strong connections between neighbors.

This story starts with you.

Silk Road Rising is working with West Ridge Community Organization, West Ridge Chamber of Commerce, neighborhood businesses, and other organizations and individuals in the community to produce West Ridge Story. Won’t you join us?

With your help, West Ridge residents will learn to share their experiences, hopes, and dreams, in storytelling and playwriting workshops held at multiple locations throughout the neighborhood. They will work together to create art that captures the spirit of this vibrant, diverse community.

At the West Ridge Story festival this winter, neighbors from near and far will come together to see these stories brought to life on stage by professional actors.

And that’s just the beginning. To find out more about West Ridge Story, including our plans for 2020 and beyond, contact Executive Director Malik Gillani at or at (312) 857-1234 ext. 202.

Please make a contribution today.

You can download more information about West Ridge Story here.

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