Our Company


America’s First Theatre and Media Arts Organization Dedicated to Telling Stories of East Asian, South Asian, and Middle Eastern Communities


Silk Road Rising is an art-making and art service organization that shapes conversations about Asian and Middle Eastern Americans. Through storytelling and dialogue, we challenge disinformation, promote a culture of continuous learning, and explore what it means to be Americans.

At Silk Road Rising we understand that representation matters; it molds perception, informs discourse, and influences policy. We view our work as a strategic intervention aimed at shifting and expanding our communities’ narratives. To those ends, we create live theatre, media arts, and educational programs, and assist other organizations in their efforts to include Asian and Middle Eastern stories.



Our Founders



Jamil Khoury is the Founding Artistic Director of Silk Road Rising. Promoting playwrights of Silk Road backgrounds (Asian and Middle Eastern) is a passion that dovetails well with Khoury’s experiences living in the Middle East and his eleven years as a cross-cultural trainer and international relocations consultant.

A theatre producer, playwright, essayist, and filmmaker, Khoury’s work focuses on Middle Eastern themes and questions of Diaspora. He is particularly interested in the intersections of culture, national identity, and citizenship, as well as our nation's ever-evolving notions of Americanness.



Malik Gillani is the Founding Executive Director of Silk Road Rising, a position to which he brings extensive experience in producing, management, and business development. He is thrilled to be advancing both the rich cultural legacy of the Silk Road and greater visibility for Silk Road artists. Gillani nurtured Silk Road Rising from its birth into a celebrated theatre company, integrating business acumen and fiscal responsibility within an artistic mission.