Our Mission 

Silk Road Rising is an art-making and art service organization that shapes conversations about Asian and Middle Eastern Americans. Through storytelling and dialogue, we challenge disinformation, promote a culture of continuous learning, and explore what it means to be Americans.

Our work builds empathy and understanding. It connects diverse people and communities. It provides alternative perspectives that inform and enlighten, and empower people to think more critically.

Most people these days access information through sources that affirm their own politics and biases. As Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit have become the principal forums for our civic discourse, Americans arrange ourselves into ever smaller, ever less permeable silos. We adopt all-or-nothing attitudes about agreement and dissent. Some ideas are valid and others are not worth hearing. Some are approved, others are forbidden. There is no room for nuance in 280 characters.

Silk Road Rising works to build and empower a citizenry that can tackle big questions with deep understanding, a breadth of perspectives, and a shared humanity.


Core Values

Sharing the stories that have shaped us

We promote the sharing of stories that are rooted in our unique cultural experiences; stories that challenge both mainstream audiences and Silk Road communities to reconsider their biases and preconceived notions, and to confront uncomfortable issues.

Self reflection

We support the right of Asian and Middle Eastern American artists to define who they are and to determine how they wish to explore their identities through the works we commission, develop, and produce.

Curiosity, openness and learning

We enable “moments of curiosity” when individuals are most willing to examine their beliefs and least resistant to being challenged.

Activism and advocacy

We understand ourselves as activists and agents of social change who are aligned with movements that help advance our world view.