Our in-school arts residency, Empathic Playwriting Intensive Course (EPIC), engages students’ imaginations and develops empathy and social understanding through playwriting. Guided by experienced teaching artists, students learn to find and value their voice, expressing complex ideas through art. Over ten weeks, each student creates an original play. In a shorter version of the program, EPIC Spark, students write monologues over seven consecutive class sessions. At the end of the residency, students see their work brought to life on stage by professional actors.

In an EPIC residency, students discover how to use detail and specific language to quickly and clearly convey complex ideas. They practice giving, receiving, and incorporating feedback. They listen intently and develop their ability to understand another person’s perspective and motivations, and work together to resolve conflicts. They uncover the strength of their own voices and gain the confidence to share their stories.


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Creative Conversations

Our Creative Conversations program creates spaces for deep conversation between and among groups, facilitated by experts in culture and mediation and centered around a screening of one of Silk Road Rising’s digital works. The screenings provide an artistic framework which helps participants open up and reflect on social issues such as religious freedom, pluralism, Islamophobia, LGBTQ rights, inclusion and “othering.”


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