Bridge the Gap
$25,000 Matching Gift Challenge


What Happened?

In 2018, a long time foundation donor changed giving priorities resulting in a loss of a $50,000 grant to Silk Road Rising.

Arts organizations that have a mission to portray experiences of immigrant communities rely overwhelmingly on foundation giving.

The loss of this grant means more than loss of funds. It means lack of resources to tell stories that bridge the social challenges we are all too familiar with.


An Opportunity Emerges

Chicago’s McCormick Foundation learned about the grant loss and very generously issued a challenge grant of $25,000 to bridge the gap.

A challenge grant’s ultimate dollar amount is entirely reflective of the amount of support we’re able to secure from our family of donors.

Today, you have the opportunity to DOUBLE the gift you make and to help us bridge the funding gap.


Double Your Money

Every dollar you give will be DOUBLED up to $25,000.

Good news is, as we started talking about this challenge grant, individuals have already sent us $5,000. We still need to raise another $20,000

Please, consider making a gift today.

Your gift will allow us to continue developing live stage work, delivering community engagement events, and bringing our arts learning program into public schools.

And, your gift will be DOUBLED!


How Can I Donate

ONLINE: Use our online giving system to make your gift. CLICK HERE

BY MAIL: Mail your gift to Crain Communications Building | 150 N Michigan Ave, Ste 1970 |Chicago, IL 60601

CALL: I’m happy to accept your gift by credit card over the phone. Simply give me a call at 312-857-1234 x202.

Thank you for strengthening Silk Road Rising with your generosity.

With gratitude,

Malik Gillani

Malik Gillani