The Four Hijabs

The Four Hijabs is an entertaining and accessible way to engage with the complex ideas surrounding the hijab.

The Four Hijabs is an animated short film that explores the multiple meanings of four hijabs mentioned in 16 Qur’anic verses through Arab-Muslim feminist lenses:

⚬ the visual hijab (the modest dress of both Muslim men and women)
⚬ the spatial hijab (the separator between private and public spaces)
⚬ the ethical hijab (ethical values/practices required of all Muslims)
⚬ the spiritual hijab (the barrier that inhibits deep spiritual growth and new knowledge)

An Animated Short Written by DR. MANAL HAMZEH & JAMIL KHOURY, Directed by LIZ WUERFFEL, and Animated by ANNA HAYDEN-ROY.

 Inspired by ideas in Dr. Manal Hamzeh’s book Pedagogies of DeVeiling: Muslim Girls and the Hijab Discourse (2012) and adapted into a screenplay by Jamil Khoury, The Four Hijabs builds upon the groundbreaking work of the late Moroccan feminist Fatima Mernissi.

Learn more at www.FourHijabs.org

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Written by
Dr. Manal Hamzeh
Jamil Khoury

Directed by
Liz Wuerffel

Animated by
Anna Hayden-Roy