The Imam & The Homosexual

(15 min, 50 sec)

“The Imam and The Homosexual” probes the “strange bedfellows” political alliance between Imam Mustafa Khan (played by Khurram Mozaffar), spiritual leader of a besieged Naperville, IL mosque, and Carl Baker (played by Nicholas Cimino), the gay son of the imam’s chief nemesis. As Imam Mustafa struggles to reconcile his support for civil rights with his religious and cultural objections to homosexuality, Carl imagines the Muslim and LGBT communities uniting against their common enemies. 

Playwright Jamil Khoury has written "The Imam and The Homosexual" as part of the development process for his play-in-progress Mosque Alert. This is not a scene that will end up in the actual stage and video versions of Mosque Alert, but rather it will inform the world of the play, and will create context, relational dynamics, and perhaps even language that Jamil will cull from when writing the play.


Mosque Alert is now a live stage play!

Mosque Alert runs from March 24 through May 1, 2016

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Please respond to the questions below and/or post any comments or suggestions you may have.

1. How does “The Imam and The Homosexual” deepen your understanding of the characters Imam Mustafa Khan Khan and Carl Baker? What new insights did you gain about the characters?

2. How (or how not) are the characters’ differing views on homosexuality, gay rights, Islam, and coalition politics useful in terms of further developing the relationship between Imam Mustafa and Carl? Is a "healthy" relationship between the characters possible?

3. Should content from “The Imam and The Homosexual” end up in the final version of Mosque Alert? If so, what content interests you most?

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Written by

Jamil Khoury


Don Bender
Nick Cimino
Melissa Kong
Fawzia Mirza
Khurram Mozaffar
Justine Serino


Video Blog Editor
Deann Baker

Lead Funder

Woods Fund