Written by Jamil Khoury – Directed by J. Paul Preseault

both/and (12 min, 30 sec) breaks the shackles of “either/or” in this semi-autobiographical short video play by Jamil Khoury. both/and  explores and explodes the persistent tensions between American and Arab, Arab American and gay, for profit and not for profit, and assorted other “disputed territories.”

After viewing the video play, please take our SURVEY. Our art does not exist in a vacuum; how our work is received among our audiences and communities is incredibly important to us. Your responses will help us to assess our work, understand how our video plays are being received, determine how well we are meeting our mission and goals, and ensure the vibrancy of future programming.

TypecastNow available for purchase at ADF/Typecast Films: www.typecastfilms.com

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Written by
Jamil Khoury

Directed by
J. Paul Preseault

Executive Producer
Malik Gillani

Clayton Stamper (Jamil)
Khurram Mozaffar (Arab Man)
David Chrzanowski (Gay Man)
Melissa Kong (Tormentor)
Joel Gross (Tormentor)

Assistant Director
Alicia Healy

Director of Photography
Stephen Combs

Editor/Script Supervisor
Ashley Kennedy

Set Designer
Chelsea Warren

Costume Designer
Amy Gabbert

Makeup and Hair
Michelle DiSalvo

Production Manager/Props
Jesse Gaffney

Location Sound Mixers
Stephen Jacobs
James Thompson

Assistant Camera
Brittnee Dowdy

Alex Buholzer

A.J. Michael
Eric Reynolds
Tawanda Trask

Mikhail Fiksel

Technical Director
Jason Pikscher

Production Assistant
Anothai Kawekaen

Facilities & Craft Services Coordinator
Amanda Vevers

First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple

Support Provided by:

Cct 2 C Wht Bkgrnd