Ripple Effects

Ripple Effects Of Silk Road Rising's Artistic Work

Silk Road Rising's artistic efforts have ripple effects throughout society. We develop and perform stories generated by playwrights of Asian American and Middle Eastern American backgrounds. In presenting these plays on stage and online, we are reaching an audience that is both local and global --in the process, we impact conversations about culture and create social change.

In producing and distributing our work, we reach Chicago's theatre audiences and create a whole new audience from within Silk Road communities. Our work is also used in academic settings to teach about Asian American and Middle Eastern American experiences. Faith-based communities use our work to facilitate inter-faith dialogue and gain a better sense of other faith communities. Our global audience ranges from a small yet dedicated viewership all over the Silk Road to nearly every major country in the world; these patrons participate in the arts by taking advantage of our free and accessible online video plays.

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In supporting Silk Road Rising, you directly contribute to these outcomes:

1.  Support established and emerging artists of Silk Road backgrounds.

2.  Showcasing outstanding works of art that articulate perspectives rarely heard.

3.  Generating dialogue within and between communities.

4.  Listening, engaging, and learning new ways of understanding each other.

Click on the drawing above to download a PDF file demonstrating the ripple effects generated by Silk Road Rising's artistic work.

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