Eastern Christians: Commemorating Genocide, Confronting the Future

The panel discussion, "Eastern Christians: Commemorating Genocide, Confronting the Future" was held at Silk Road Rising on Thursday, August 6, 2015. The panel featured panelists from Arab Christian, Armenian, Coptic, Muslim, and Syriac communities. They were asked to reflect on the centennial of the Armenian, Aramean/Assyrian, and Greek Genocides, and discuss present day challenges confronting Christians in Egypt, Iraq, Syria and beyond.

Nairee Hagopian (Armenian Orthodox)
Dr. Kamal Ibrahim (Coptic Orthodox)
Dr. Nabeel Khoury (Melkite Greek Catholic)
Deacon George Kourieh (Syriac Orthodox)
Dr. Khalil Marrar (Sunni Muslim)

The panel was moderated by Silk Road Rising's Artistic Director Jamil Khoury (Antiochian Orthodox).

The following is a video recording of the panel:

Panelists exchanged ideas for strengthening pluralism and religious freedom in the Middle East, promoting security for all religious communities, and building greater Christian - Muslim cooperation. In addition, select excerpts from Adriana Sevahn Nichols' play Night Over Erzinga were also presented. 

Excerpts from Night Over Erzinga were directed by Corey Pond and staring Rom Barkhordar, Catherine Dildilian, Sophia Menendian, Aila Peck and Kaelan Strouse. The panel was taped by Drew Pientka and Deann Baker and edited by Deann Baker.

The event was live Tweeted. Here's a document with all 85 Tweets. Read for an account of the evening >>