Board of Directors

Ryan LaHurd

Secretary & Treasurer
Jon Harmon

Board Members
Malik Gillani
Aldona Gorman
Jeff Harmon
Rummana Hussain
Jamil Khoury
Sala Sander
Lillie Sellers

A Note from a Board member:

I got involved with Silk Road Rising first, because of their high-quality stage productions. I kept coming back because, in learning about people I initially thought were different from me, I learned instead how similar we all are. I joined the board because of this organization's innovative approach to inclusive storytelling--with "Theater on Demand" and its online video and ease of accessibility; with community engagement through approaches such as "Mosque Alert," in which audiences help build characters and, ultimately, a play. Silk Road productions--whether online video plays, staged readings or full-blown productions--inspire me to think beyond myself and to approach others with empathy and respect.