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November 01 - November 01, 2010

A Staged Reading

Written by Leslie Croxford 
Directed by Ilesa Duncan

Featuring: Stephanie Diaz, Richard Henzel, and Madrid St. Angelo

Pierce Hall at The Historic Chicago Temple Building, 77 W. Washington St., Chicago

CONFESSION is set in Spain towards the end of decades of dictatorship and civil war in the 1930s. On a late winter afternoon an old American Priest sits waiting to hear confessions in a derelict church. As he begins to fall asleep, the Priest is disturbed by a presence entering the church. Not sure at first if it is real or part of a dream, the Priest eventually recognizes the figure as the Dictator come to say his final confession and receive absolution. The Priest has, however, no intention of granting absolution to a tyrant whom he has always despised. But the Dictator is not used to being thwarted, and an intense power struggle ensues with the characters locked in a deadly embrace.

Followed by a Q & A session with playwright Leslie Croxford.

Presented by Pegasus Players in association with Silk Road Theatre Project