Live Theatre

Silk Road Solos: A Great Dive

August 13 through August 16
Written and Performed by Puja Mohindra
Directed by Andrew Volkoff

37284 106140466103320 7224932 N Geeta Gidwani doesn’t want the arranged marriage her parents have. She’s an American girl and wants to fall madly in love, like she’s seen in Shakespeare, Bollywood movies and her favorite show, Friends. But after a family trip to a holy Indian temple inspires her to wish for a soulmate, she meets Manish, standing at the corner of tradition and fairytale.

Performance Schedule: 
- Thursday at 7:30pm
- Friday at 8:00pm
- Saturday at 4:00pm
- Sunday at 4:00pm
$15/$12 student
- 25% Off for groups of 10 or more
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Puja Mohindra on A Great Dive

Puja Mohindra talks about A Great Dive

Writer and performer Puja Mohindra on A Great Dive:

"A Great Dive is the story of a young Indian-American girl, Geeta Gidwani, who makes a wish for her soulmate while on a holy pilgrimage to India. This wish launches her into a love story that will change her forever.

It is a play about falling in love and the risk and courage involved every time we choose love.

I created the piece for it to live as an act of service and to help others. My hope is that it encourages audiences to live bravely, with a spirit of bold self-acceptance and fearless authenticity.

I am thrilled to share A Great Dive in my hometown of Chicago at Silk Road Rising, and I look forward to seeing you at the theater."

Watch talented writer and performer Puja Mohindra discuss her upcoming Silk Road Solo show in this introductory clip.


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