Mosque Alert

Mosque Alert tells the story of two suburban American families living in Naperville, IL—one Christian, the other Muslim—who find their lives torn apart by a proposal to build a new mosq...


Multi Meets Poly: Multiculturalism and Polyculturalism Go on a First Date


Silk Road Solos

February 19 - August 16, 2015

A Festival of Solo Performances

Pierce Hall at the Historic Chicago Temple Building, 77...

Upcoming Performances

ThursdayFebruary 19 7:30 PM
FridayFebruary 20 8:00 PM
SaturdayFebruary 21 4:00 PM
SundayFebruary 22 4:00 PM
ThursdayApril 23 7:30 PM
FridayApril 24 8:00 PM
SaturdayApril 25 4:00 PM
SundayApril 26 4:00 PM
ThursdayJune 11 7:30 PM
FridayJune 12 8:00 PM
SaturdayJune 13 4:00 PM
SundayJune 14 4:00 PM
ThursdayAugust 13 7:30 PM
FridayAugust 14 8:00 PM
SaturdayAugust 15 4:00 PM
SundayAugust 16 4:00 PM


Epic WorldSchool-based Education Program

Silk Road Rising’s EPIC (Empathic Playwriting Intensive Course) is a 16-week arts-integrated education program designed to engage a student’s imagination and help them articulate it through drama.

To bring EPIC to your school and to learn more, click HERE .

Breaking Borders - Screenings & a Discussion

City Of Borders

Join Silk Road Rising and the Chicago Palestine Film Festival on Saturday, January 31st at 8pm for an evening of screenings followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.

Featuring "The Imam and the Homosexual" (16 min) by Jamil Khoury and "City of Borders" (66 min) by Yun Suh. Learn more >>

Tickets are $15. Click HERE to buy online.