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We are happy to say that in the past few years, Mosque Alert has already touched thousands of audience members through:

* online video development
* staged readings
* collegiate productions
* our own, critically-acclaimed world premiere 

We are proud to announce that Mosque Alert's journey isn't over yet. Mosque Alert's next chapter is a premiere in Germany this October, with several other exciting opportunities right around the corner!

There is a great need for balanced dialogue and education about Muslims and their beliefs in countries around the world, and we are excited that Mosque Alert will soon encourage discussion amongst German audiences.

You can help us spark important conversations on a national level. Your gift today can make a difference in our global reach tomorrow. 

Support our efforts to bring Mosque Alert to a wider community.

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Live Theatre

And Then Came the Fall

A Staged Reading

July 9 and July 10

Written by Nahal Navidar

Directed by Azar Kazemi

World Trade Center By Wilda MarieIndian summer delivers hope and light on a gorgeous morning in Brooklyn Heights. Nasrin, an Iranian-American PhD student, and Donovan, a New York City cop, plan for a bright future together, but when explosions from the other side of the Hudson shake their world, the ashes of fear and hatred quietly creep in and haunt Donovan’s mind. In a post 9/11 xenophobic environment where intolerance is the new status-quo, the couple finds themselves questioning if they will survive the fall. Learn more >>

Cover Art by Wilda Marie

Tickets: $10

Click here to buy tickets online or call (312) 857-1234 ext. 201

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The Four Hijabs

4hijabs.PromoAn Animated Short + Panel Discussion

July 30, 2016 at 4PM

by Dr. Manal Hamzeh & Jamil Khoury
Directed by Liz Wuerffel
Animated by Anna Hayden-Roy

Join us for the premiere of “The Four Hijabs,” an animated short film that explores the phenomenon of the hijab through four theoretical lenses and their corresponding Koranic verses:
⚬ the visual hijab (the actual headscarf or veil)
⚬ the spatial hijab (physical limitations and sex segregation)
⚬ the ethical hijab (restrictions on women's rights)
⚬ the spiritual hijab (denial of intellectual inquiry)

“The Four Hijabs” is an entertaining and accessible way to engage with the complex ideas inherent to the hijab.

The film screening will be followed by a panel discussion, featuring co-authors Dr. Manal Hamzeh and Jamil Khoury, and a panel of respondents. Learn more >>

This screening + panel discussion is free but space is limited. Reserve your seat here >>

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Ultra American: A Patriot Act

Ultra American MinSeptember 6 through September 25

Starring  Azhar Usman

Famed comedian, Azhar Usman, takes to the stage with this brutally honest, unflinching one-man show exploring the tensions and paradoxes surrounding the multi-faceted identities and double consciousness of Muslim Americans living in an ever-polarizing modern world. Learn more >>

Tickets: $20/$15 students

* Limit one per ID. A valid student ID must be presented upon arrival at the box office.

Click here to buy tickets online or call (312) 857-1234 ext. 201
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Christmas at Christine's

ChristineBunuan December 1 through December 23

Written & Performed by Christine Bunuan

This new holiday musical revue puts a Silk Road spin on the Christmas season. Chicago favorite Christine Bunuan invites you into her world with Christmas at Christine's. Journey from California to Chicago to the Philippines, as Christine sings her way through the holiday songbook and a lifetime of yuletide memories. Learn more >>

Tickets: $25/$15 students*

* Limit one per ID. A valid student ID must be presented upon arrival at the box office.

Click here to buy tickets online or call (312) 857-1234 ext. 201
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Your investment in our work and mission means we're able to work with students, community members, and professional playwrights as they create and share new, revealing, and important stories that help us build bridges within our communities—much needed in these times.

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Malik & Jamil


Documentary Film

Not Quite White: Arabs, Slavs and the Contours of Contested Whiteness

Not Quite WhiteIn the documentary Not Quite White, Silk Road Rising Artistic Director Jamil Khoury draws upon his own Arab (Syrian) and Slavic (Polish and Slovak) heritage as the lens through which to investigate the broader issue of immigrants achieving whiteness and hence qualifying as “fully American.” The film, directed by Khoury and Stephen Combs, advances society’s on-going conversations about the meaning of whiteness and efforts at redefining whiteness. Watch the documentary here >>


Multi Meets Poly: Multiculturalism and Polyculturalism Go on a First Date

Mm PtestA thought-provoking and often-humorous reflection on the theoretical and practical differences between two powerful social ideas: multiculturalism and polyculturalism.

By personifying these ideas as human characters—one male, one female—and by endowing each character with professional rivalry, intellectual one-upmanship, and sexual tension, a would-be romantic evening becomes an intriguing vehicle for exploring American interpretations of pluralism, cultural interchange, and diversity. Watch the video play here >>